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Interacting with External Systems in Salesforce
May 08 2023 • 15 min read

Use Case

Our objective is to communicate with external systems when updates are made to Salesforce records. To accomplish this, we are using the Salesforce features Outbound messages and Flows (Or Workflows). But we use flows as that is the latest direction and workflows are retired from the winter 23.

Steps to Achieve this requirement

  1. Get Webhook URL for the External System
  2. Create an Outbound Message
  3. Create a Record Triggered Flow

Get Webhook URL for the External System - Traditional no-code integration and automation platforms  for anyone to design, build, and automate anything - from tasks and workflows to apps and systems - without the need for coding skills

To sign up for a free account - Click here

  1. After Signing up you will be redirecting to the following screen

  2. Select Scenarios

  3. Click on Create a new scenario 

    swh 1

  4. Click the + icon

  5. In the search box type Webhook and select it.

    swh 2

  6. Here we used a Custom Webhook under Triggers

    swh 3

  7. Click Add

    swh 4

  8. Enter the desired name and Click Save.

    swh 5

  9. Copy the highlighted URL by clicking Copy address to clipboard button

    swh 6

  10. Save this URL in notepad for later use. This is the endpoint URL for Outbound Messages. 

  11. Click Ok

  12. Click + icon

    swh 7

  13. Click the + icon again —> For this Blog we used Discord. You can connect with multiple systems based on your requirement

    swh 8

  14. After the Selection, you have to select the Event. Select Send a Message event.

    swh 9

  15. Click Add

    swh 10

  16. Enter a name for the connection and Click Save.

    swh 11

  17. It will open a new window to log in to that external system. Use the Login credentials to authorize.

    swh 12

  18. Add the Server where you would like to send the messages → Click Continue

    swh 13

  19. Give the required access permissions and Click Authorize

    swh 14

  20. Select the Channel Name, Enter the Message you want to send and click Ok.

    swh 15

  21. Save the Scenario by clicking the Save icon.

    swh 16

Create Outbound Messages

  • From Setup, search for Outbound Messages and then click on New Outbound Message.

  • Select  the required Object

  • Enter a Unique name for the outbound message.

  • Paste the URL that was copied to the notepad as the Endpoint URL

  • Select the fields whose data has to be sent to the external system and click on Save.

    swh 17

Create Record Triggered Flow

  • Create a Record Triggered flow on the Account object and add criteria as Account Owner Ischanged equal to True

  • Using Action Element add the created Outbound Message

    swh 18

  • Activate the flow.

    swh 19


  1. In Click “Run Once” button

    swh 20

  2. Now It is ready to get response from Salesforce

    swh 21

  3. Add Website information for any Salesforce Account Record.

    swh 22

  4. Once the Record is updated in Salesforce, In you will see that the webhook receives a response from Salesforce Org and sends a message to the discord Channel.

    swh 23

  5. In the Discord Channel which you have chosen, you will receive the message.

    swh 24


In this Blog we have covered the process of communicating with external systems in response to the updates made to Salesforce records.

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